Online Deal Portal: Factors to Consider for an Effective Design

  • Soobia Saeed
  • Asadullah Shaikh
  • Muhammad Ali Memon
  • Muhammad Ali Nizamani
  • Muhammad Memon
Keywords: shoping portal, consumers, sales, discount and online shoping


In this research paper we discuss about the relationship between online deals portals and consumers and how it affects an efficient deals portal design. Consumers from all over the globe now order products online, in order to help people, save time and money. The deal portals make this possible by finding best online deals easily. The main purpose this work is to propose factors of design that an online portal should have and will attract consumers using it to find the best deal quickly. A portal that collect deals and discount offers on daily basis from all over the world should satisfy many important factors, such as customer previous online experience, transaction secureness, site usefulness and also product attributes. An online survey was done and it was found that portal ease of use, usefulness and product & company attributes are main influencing factors for making an online purchase decision by a consumer. Also, an analysis of web portals of deal offering sites is given with details of factors that e-commerce site designers should consider while developing a worldwide deals portal site.


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Saeed, S., Shaikh, A., Memon, M., Nizamani, M. A., & Memon, M. (2020). Online Deal Portal: Factors to Consider for an Effective Design. University of Sindh Journal of Information and Communication Technology, 4(1), 38-44. Retrieved from