Interactive Smart Writing Technology (ISWT)

An Assistance to Paperless Documentation

  • Sadiq Ur Rehman Hamdard University
  • Shariq Ahmed Khan Hamdard University
  • Iqbal Uddin Khan Hamdard University
  • Halar Mustafa Hamdard University
  • Muhammad Ahsan Shaikh Hamdard University
Keywords: classroom, digitizing, paper usage, sensors, smart writing


With the latest inventions, human life standards have been changed dramatically. Intensive work can be seen to make environment human-friendly. By keeping this view, this paper presents the future of advanced classroom/ meeting rooms, training areas, etc. by bringing down the count of paper used for the purpose of making lecture notes. Our proposed system (Interactive smart writing technology (ISWT)) which we claim as an assistance to paperless documentation, is a pen/ marker sleeve that works on the mechanism of taking motion reading through the sensor that can work on any flat writing surface and whatever is written from it, will get digitalized on the application in real-time, making it easier to take notes and much more. You do not need to focus on writing, rather you can focus on the learning and understanding of the topics being discussed. ISWT can also work as a liaison between industry and academia. The novelty of ISWT includes surface independence, low cost, portable, repairable, real-time and very economical for personal usage.

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Rehman, S. U., Khan, S. A., Khan, I. U., Mustafa, H., & Shaikh, M. A. (2020). Interactive Smart Writing Technology (ISWT). University of Sindh Journal of Information and Communication Technology, 4(1), 1-8. Retrieved from